About Us

Born of the necessity for service, the SD Ad Network was created to respond to a growing demand by customers who had advertising inventory and opportunities, but didn’t know how to monetize them in a simple way that didn’t produce more headaches than it compensated for. After years in traditional and digital advertising production and execution, SD Ad Network was created by Simply Design, to simplify this process in two major mediums; digital and outdoor advertising.

Fast forward years later, and SD Ad Network now serves more purpose than simply managing inventory for clients. At every stage of the advertising management process, SD Ad Network helps inventory owners to make money by streamlining and controlling the process, including:

While every business and advertiser is constantly looking for an efficient way to reach customers, they also prefer to interact with a third party manager who can lead them through the process of advertising without the hassles & issues. Couple this with the ease and simplicity of SD Ad Network’s PartnerPortal, and you’re able to offer your excess advertising easily and quickly!